2020 WWIS Gallery

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Lorika Beukes

A Fascination with the Microscopic Drives Research This article spotlight falls on Dr Lorika Beukes, a principal microscopy technician at UKZN’s Microscopy and Microanalysis Unit (MMU) where she has worked since 2013. Beukes began her foray into the sciences with childhood dreams of becoming a veterinarian, progressing from a youngster fascinated with insects and snakes found in

Suna Kassier

Dietetics Professor Champions the Science of Food Professor Suna Kassier, Academic Leader of Teaching and Learning in the School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Associate Professor of Dietetics and Human Nutrition is an expert in the field of public health, where she focuses on infant and young child nutrition, obesity, body image and

Joy Adu

Engineer Dreams of Improving Perceptions and Use of Water Dr Joy Tuoyo Adu is a lecturer in Civil Engineering and an expert in water quality modelling and wastewater engineering, and dreams of changing the way water is used and preserved for present and future generations. Adu – a recipient of a Nuffic Award to study

Bongiwe Mshengu

Dreams of a New Passion for Science in Africa Dr Bongiwe Mshengu, a senior tutor in the School of Chemistry and Physics and in UKZN’s Science Access Programme, dreams of a day when she will see an African child appreciating and relating to the science underpinning everyday life, and hopes to be remembered as an

Hloniphile Sithole Mthethwa

Speaking the Language of Mathematics Dr Hloniphile Sithole Mthethwa, a lecturer in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, believes that mathematics is a language of its own that we all use daily without realising it, and that, far from being something to fear, it is a language one can become fluent in with