Wonder Women In Science (WWIS)


The first week of August marks important times in South Africa’s future and past. National Science Week (first week in August) is an initiative that promotes careers in Science, Engineering and Technology to students. National Women’s Day (9 August) marks the anniversary of the 1956 march of 20 000 women, who petitioned against the country’s pass laws.

Both events shed light on important issues: a skills shortage in Science, Engineering and Technology; and the limited female presence in these fields.

UKZN’s College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science showcases its support for both causes through the Wonder Women In Science campaign. These are passionate, pioneering and persistent heroines who are making waves in fields of science and stand as shining examples for all.

Past campaigns

Read the stories

The Wonder Women In Science campaign has been running since 2015, celebrating stories from female scientists with the College. Read these stories of hope, resilience and triumph. 


For the first time in 2017, the College hosted the Wonder Women In Science Breakfast. Staff, members of industry, media and high school learners gathered to hear for an empowering women’s breakfast.


For more information about this campaign or any of the Wonder Women In Science, please contact:

 Mr Sashlin Girraj 
 Public Relations Officer
031 260 2914